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Folie Kitchen & Patisserie is one of a new restaurant in Canggu, Bali. They offer delectable Western and Indonesian cuisine along with pretty and mouth-watering cakes. Some Instagram's posts were truly made me curious to visit this restaurant. Folie which located at Canggu area, dominated their area with pastel colors. Almost their interior and furniture are in soft pink, blue and green colors. In several corners, they also cover the walls with pretty wallpaper. Geez, as a woman, I couldn't resist my self to not take a selfie hahaha...The area was divided into indoor and outdoor area. Let's take a look of how beautiful the indoor interior was.

And how not I'm in love with their outdoor area. How they choose the pastel colors, the sofas, the wallpapers, everything just soooo pretty and instagrammable!

Folie Kitchen & Patisserie offers love from the kitchen of Chef Stephan Hammond. Lucky me to be greeted by him when I was visit their store. He's so kind and humble, though I wasn't talk too much, the way he even greet a guest and let me to sit into my preferable area, made me believe that he's creation might as humble as his smile. Several Western, Asian and Indonesia are on Folie's menu list, but since it's still early in the morning and I need a cup of coffee and something sweet after my big breakfast, I decided to try their patisserie.

Strawberry Tart' Folie - 32K

Pastry is also a great love of Chef Stephan Hammond. I assumed it from how people recommend this place as pastry heaven. I know it's true when I saw how heaven the pastry display was. It's full of colorful and mouth-watering cakes! Ommmoooo, I even hard to decide one! Since I have to choose, I decided to take the colorful and interesting one among the others, and it went to this Folie Strawberry Tart. Look how wonderful the colors were. A pretty red and green on the top of pistachio tart. The tart itself has a flaky skin outside and moist tart inside with rich vanilla flavor. The butter cream, the pistachio and nut chunks gave additional sensation to the whole cake as well. The best part was the whole flavor wasn't too sweet for my palate. Definitely must try!

Americano - 25K

Since my hubby is not a sweet-tooth person, he chose to have Americano as the cake pairing. The strong flavor of espresso shot here, simply neutralize his palate after the sweet cake. 

Cafe Latte - 25K

Me, as usual, chose lighter coffee. Caffe Latte here was simply perfect as my cake pairing.

Ah too bad, I came here in a rush, in between our hotel check-out and the hard rain of Bali and oh in a full belly after big breakfast. Didn't have too much time to try their main menu. Next time I should schedule my visit longer and at least for lunch before taking any meals me once you see the cake display, you want it for more and more...

Folie Kitchen & Patisserie
Jl. Subak Sari 30A
Canggu, Bali
Telp: +62 361 934 2025
IG: @foliebali


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I must be so late in visiting Titik Temu, one of the hippest coffee shop in Bali which the hype is still on until now. Even so, I still curious to try their coffee and of course to visit what people said as one of the coziest coffee shop in Bali. 

Titik Temu located at the small alley in Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak. You won't recognize this place if you don't watch their small sign in front of the alley. Even thought we need to park my motorcycle in the small alley, I was a bit surprise that the area actually so big inside. Titik Temu has a very big and green front yard area which was soooo homey. The design of the coffee shop was also unique, a wooden house with an ethnic and rustic design in. As I am aware about my foodies friend's previous post of Titik Temu back in 2016, so many changes made to the overall design of this coffee shop nowadays. Back then, the area was all outdoor, including the rooftop; now the downstairs area changed into an indoor area covered with minimalist windows. There's also a white wall covered half part of the edge of the stairs which now became "A MANDATORY" photo area when you visit Titik Temu. People loves to spend their afternoon on the rooftop area, but since I came here in the middle of the day, which was super sunny and hot, I decided to sat down inside the indoor area.

The indoor area might looks small but somehow, the way they arranged the table made the overall area looks wider. This was a short visit after my big lunch so my hubby and I only spent our time tried out their coffee. They offers quite wide range of coffee including the single origin coffee from Bali, Bandung, etc. Choices of light snacks and big meals such as burgers and sandwiches were also available to choose.

Iced Long Black - 31K

Hubby's fav. A refreshing shot of espresso in a glass. I'm not an avid fan of long black, but this one was quite interesting to try. The espresso taste was strong but the after taste was light and not too bitter. 

Flat White - 33K

This coffee used single origin named Sunda Gulali from West Java with the tasting notes malty, milk chocolate and sweet in milk. It's creamy with lovely chocolate after taste. I love this coffee so much!

I should spend my day more in this cozy coffee shop. The ambiance was super duper great especially the rooftop area. Some said that this coffee shop only sells their ambiance, some said that the coffee was good. Some said good, some not. Well, that's people personal opinion. Mine would be in between that two. How about you? Have you tried Titik Temu so far? Pleasure to hear your comment below. 

Have a great day!

Titik Temu Coffee
Jalan Kayu Cendana No.1
Banjar Taman, Seminyak
Kuta Utara, Bali
IG: @titiktemubali


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Sebagai orang Indonesia, saya sangat bangga karena makin kesini, makin banyak restoran yang dengan bangganya mengangkat masakan Indonesia to the next level. That's maybe sounds cliche, because the fact that when Indonesian food coming to a restaurant apalagi lokasinya di Bali yang most of the visitors are foreigners a.k.a "bule" pasti harganya nggak masuk akal. Well, mungkin itu hanya sebagian pikiran orang-orang yang memang malas makan di restoran yang isinya bule atau malas mengeluarkan uang untuk makan rendang yang bisa di dapat seharga 10 ribu di warung padang dibandingkan 100 ribu di restoran mewah hahaha...

But for me, especially in Bali, appreciate people who struggle to introduce our beloved Indonesian food to the Bule's is not as simple as turning out the coins, right. Kita bisa aja bawa bule-bule itu makan murah di warung padang atau di abang-abang pinggir jalan untuk menikmati sepiring ketoprak, tapi how many if them would willing, sih? Kalau pinggir jalan di kota kita berdebu, warung padang panasnya minta ampun dan baunya nggak enak. Make sense kan. So, taking them to a better place to enjoy our food it would be nice and memorable in my opinion. That's why sometimes saya juga penasaran pingin nyobain kayak apa sih jadi bule yang makan di restoran Indonesia. So, I chose Ulekan, a new concept by The Good Food Brotherhood, curators of renowned Bali's favorites such as Milk & Madu and Watercress Cafe (pssst I love Milk & Madu's veggie burger so much!). 

[Ulekan, a stone bowl used since ancient times to prepare 
ingredients or substances by crushing and grinding them into a paste or powder]

Ulekan, nama yang terdengar tidak asing di telinga orang Indonesia ini mencoba membawa makna dari sebuah ulekan itu sendiri, wadah dimana semua bahan-bahan berbaur menjadi satu. No wonder, mereka menghadirkan masakan Indonesia tidak hanya untuk para foreigners namun juga mengajak orang Indonesia itu sendiri untuk menyajikan sesuatu yang "very Indonesia". Ulekan bekerja sama dengan petani lokal untuk menanam bahan-bahan organik dan bahkan mereka punya sawah sendiri untuk menghasilkan nasi khas Berawa yang legit dan pulen. That's super amazing to hear! 

Lokasinya tidak jauh dari the famous Milk & Madu di Canggu. Tempatnya kecil mungkin bisa menampung sekitar 30-40 orang.  Restaurannya bergaya a la rumah traditional Jawa dan Bali bercampur dengan modern furniture. Saya agak sedikit salah memutuskan makan di sini di malam hari, karena ternyata tempat remang-remang hahaha...sulit sekali mengambil foto yang bagus (I actually hate to use camera flas, jadi jelek banget rasanya foto makanannya haha). Jadi maafkan kalau foto-foto di postingan ini cuma sedikit dan pas-pasan. Well, lagian inget kata salah satu food blogger favorites saya sih @captainruby, "night is better for dinner not taking photo!". Can't agree more. So, I enjoy my dinner with my hubby dengan beberapa pilihan masakan Nusantara berikut ini:

Soto Ayam Madura - 65K

Quite amazed memang dengan harganya hahaha…tapi untungnya sebanding dengan porsinya yang bisa untuk share 2 orang. Overall, soto ayam ini isinya sama dengan soto ayam kuah bening pada umumnya, ada bihun, suiran ayam, tauge, irisan tomat dan potongan telur . Bedanya hanya di rasa kuahnya yang sedikit lebih tajam oleh pala dan lada. Jangan lupa tambahkan kacang sangrai yang disajikan sebagai compliment. Teksturnya yang crunchy dan rasa manis-pedasnya cukup menambah  nikmat semangkuk soto ayam ini apalagi di makan saat hangat. 

Tahu Tek - 55K

Nggak afdol rasanya kalau makan di Ulekan tidak mencoba sesuatu dari ulekan-nya. Tahu Tek ini merupakan favorit saya disini. Disajikan sangat berbeda dari Tahu Tek khas Surabaya pada umumnya, lebih terlihat "berkelas" menurut saya. Dalam sepiring Tahu Tek ini, kamu bisa melihat ada tambahan daun-daunan organik yang segar dibarengi dengan tahu telur yang lembut, tauge, dan emping dan disiram dengan bumbu kacang yang ringan namun berasa banget kacangnya! Ah memang ulekan-nya Ulekan juara banget nih!

Perkedel Jagung - 35K (isi 4)

Kalau ingat perkedel jagung yang enak, saya selalu ingat dengan perkedel jagung di restoran Manado yang sangat garing dan lembut. Nah, Ulekan menyajikannya seperti itu. Saking enaknya buat di cemil, foto individual pun sampai tak sempat hahaha...habis duluan sama anak dan suami abis foto flatlay gabungan di bawah ini hihihi...

Overall, I did have a great experience here. Masakannya nggak ada yang failed! Nggak heran bule-bule yang penasaran dengan masakan Indonesia banyak datang kesini. One thing I concerned about was only their service sih. Kebetulan malam itu hanya saya satu-satunya orang Indonesia yang makan disitu, sisanya turis asing, dan terlihat kalau dari cara mereka melayani saya seperti meng-underestimate orang Indonesia dengan the bule's. Sedikit banyak bertanya tentang makanan dan porsinya saja si waiter terlihat tidak sabaran untuk menjawab. Seolah-olah saya segitu tidak terima-nya dengan harganya hahaha (I could see from the way the waiter stare at my eyes directly *beuh)... Padahal saya hanya bertanya lho, who cares with the price, I came here purely to eat!. Sedih ya kalau restoran Indonesia harus mengistimewakan orang asing dibanding orang Indonesia itu sendiri, padahal kita juga bangga lho dengan kuliner kita. Mudah-mudahan ini hanya perasaan saya saja. I love Ulekan's creation so much and wish to back here to try another's menu.

Jalan Tegal Sari 34
Canggu, Bali
Telp. +813 39211466
IG: @ulekanbali

Opening hours:
Lunch from 11 AM
Dinner from 5 PM

Price Range:
Food starts from IDR50,000 to 140,000
Drinks starts from IDR25,000 to 40,000
Approximately IDR300,000 for 2 persons


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When in Bali, eat ice cream! That's what people always suggest everyone to chill their body in the hot and sunny Bali. Thanks God, now we can find many good gelatos or ice cream in Bali. After the booming of the Mad Pops's which I only visit once due to their very small and packed store and didn't have a time to take a picture since my kid insisted me to eat the ice cream by himself (ibunya ga dibagiii sama sekali yaowoooh *nangisbombay), so the next visit to other ice cream' shop was to this Sore-Sore Artisan Ice Cream. 

The name was so cool right. So ear-catchy and easy to remember. Sore-Sore was established under the family of the famous doughnut, Dough Darling. The store was also located next to Dough Darling store in Petitenget. It was a small store but not as small as the Mad Pops's store. They still have a small dining area inside and a few high chairs outside. 

Sore-Sore offers deliciously unique ice cream's flavors, which some, I thought, couldn't find anywhere. You can find unique flavours from Tolak Angin Chocomint, Ting Ting Kacang, Teh Susu Kue Marie, Es Cendol to traditional Nangka (Jackfruit) flavors. The size were available from small (1 scoop), medium (2 scoops) and large (3 scoops). Price ranges from IDR25,000 to 60,000.

Teh Susu Kue Marie - IDR25K (1 scoop)

This one was so unique in my opinion. A good combination of pulled milk tea (Teh Tarik) flavors with crumbs of Marie biscuit. As a teh tarik lovers (or maybe well-known as Thai Tea in recent market), I was super duper in love with this ice cream! Aside of it's texture which not easily melted, the overall taste remind me of my childhood when I used to dip the sweet Marie biscuit into a hot tea hahaha...My kid was love this ice cream so much as well!

Jackfruit (nangka) - IDR25K (1 scoop)

This one was my hubby's choice. He loves jackfruit so much and this might be his comfort food. I could taste rich flavours of jackfruit companied by minced of real jackfruit inside the ice cream. Simple but sooo addictive!

Well, my visit to this gelato store was amazing. All people's soo happy including my kid. He's even, again, finished the ice cream by himself without sharing hahaha...If you looking for another good gelato in Bali and unique flavors as well, I recommend you to try this Sore-Sore Artisan Ice Cream.

Sore-Sore Artisan Ice Cream
Jalan Petitenget No. 22
Bali (next to Dough Darlings)
IG: @soresore_id

the happy kid!

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